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Learning new vocabulary with PuGs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dovesari   
Sunday, 26 June 2011 21:12

So Natima and myself were in Grim Batol, just before the second boss. The tank tells the DPS to take the pat down first.  I was confused because the only mob patrolling around was the Boss. So I asked for clarification... he told me not the boss the pat .... I point out there wasn't a pat, and he marks the big guy surrounded by the casters with chains with a skull and tells me that's the pat.  I reply saying usually pat is a term for a patrolling mob. He tells me that the pat is the strongest mob there the one who should be the priority kill, and when he has tanked other times people have never questioned him.   Needless to say I shut up at that point, even those I was tempted to tell him he was crazy, and also wrong about what the priority shoulld be ... those casters are a pain compared to the big guy.

Mage Ninja PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joey   
Thursday, 10 March 2011 22:13

So in SM Armory with a group of PUGs.  Everything is going alright until the first green item drops, a Leather caster piece.  Need by the mage.  He says "Oops sorry thought it was cloth".  Second Green drop mail DPS shoulders.  Need by the mage.  "Oops wrong button."  This is the point which I call him out as a ninja, you know "Fool me once, shame on you ...."  Now the mage is mad "F you", "F you shami, you suck"  Got to love the creative people with their insults.  10 mintues to kick .... I hate you blizz.

Anyways the 10 minutes is no where near long enough before we get to the last boss, mage has stolen about 4 items by this point.  Unfortunatly as I was not the tank I had to just continue on.  So last boss, you know the one with the whirlwind.  First WW everyone is fine but boss moves to new location of the tank ... right next to our favorite mage.  Second WW mage gets slaughtered cause he doesnt move.  "What the F healer, why the F didnt you heal me, you suck!!" once again very creative.  This is the point I tell him "the only reason you died is you are an idiot that stood in the whirlwind."  At this point the mage whines and cuses until he makes his mother cry (at least she probobly was unless he is the son of the devil in which case she was laughing).  I leave him with this, "I hope that someday your IQ becomes greater than the number of words in your "extensive" vocabulary which you can count with one fingerless hand."  I think the rogue about died of laughter to this.

DK's why oh why does everyone think they can play a DK? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joey   
Tuesday, 01 March 2011 18:19

"Well I am 58 now and able to queue for instances, I think I should queue".  What a mistake.  Why is it that 99.9999% of DKs make the rest of us look bad?  I will queue as tank and run around in unholy spec.  I will queue as DPS and death grip everything I can.  So many problems from DKs make you wonder why they dont make the requirement to make a DK as you have to know the difference between your butt crack and your elbow and most people dont know this.  It just gets to be so upsetting that when someone hears about a DK tank as the guilds main tank they instantly think "Oh they must fail".  Someday people will learn how to play this class properly, it is not terribly hard, but I am not going to hold my breath.

You don't need a spec to be a healer ... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Maureen   
Friday, 25 February 2011 03:27

So was in hellfire ramparts. I notice the pally "healer" has a two handed weapon equipped so out of curiosity I checked out what it was.  Everything he was wearing was ret/tanking gear except for an int neck. Most of it was the lvl 60 epic pvp gear.  However the gear wasn't the worse part, he queued up and insisted he was the healer in ret spec. When I asked as to why I was yelled at by him, since he was an "awesome" healer and no one had yet died.  As you can imagine that did not remain the case.  The best part was later when he asked what the different specs are for. Oh he also managed to badger one of the dps into leaving, because well apparently as a priest they should've been able to take on 5 elites with everyone else dead.  Why oh why did people not agree to kick him.

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Tank? What Tank? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joey   
Thursday, 24 February 2011 09:31

So this seems to be happening a lot to me and finger on our priest and loc, I guess we are just lucky.

So we enter a random dungeon and end up in SFK with a warrior "Tank".  This "Tank" was a fury speced DPS warrior that would not pull and just sat in the back the whole time looking pretty.  15 minutes to kick .... I hate you blizz.

It is decided to have the rogue tank and I would just keep him up (got to love OP disc Priests) and we continue onto the first boss.  First boss goes down with no hitch and for whatever reason the first DPS decides to leave (think it was a hunter).  Time to requeue.  Finger DPS, Rogue DPS, Warrior tank/DPS, Joey DECLINE.  I tell the warrior that in his spec he is not a tank and needs to queue as a DPS and restart the dungeon queue.  Joey Heals, Finger DPS, Rogue DPS, warrior Tank/DPS.  So by this point me and the rogue were pretty PO at the tank.  10 minutes to kick .... I hate you blizz.

Get a new mage in the instance and just decide to continue with the rogue tank until we can kick the warrior.  Get up to second boss with no hitch.  Right beforewe pull the warrior decides to drop.  Halleluja, No way could we POSSIBLY get a tank worse than that .... I was wrong.  Rather than wait for the tank we decided to go ahead and pull the boss with our rogue tank.  About 2/3 of the way through the fight we get our tank a feral speced druid, in bear form, with about 700 health (party average was about 1400-1500).  Druid pulls just one of the adds on the boss.  I procede to continue healing the rogue and by this point am getting low on mana so the druid is left to his own.  The druid dies then the boss dies.  Then comes our favorite line from a tank "WTF healer dont you know how to heal" (Langauge may have been cleaned up a hair for childrens sakes).  At which point it is decided that the druid gets no heals until the boss fight and dies multiple times on trash.  Can not kick another player from this instance ... I hate you blizz (even though no one had been kicked).

Third boss, you know the one with the big desecration that takes up about half the room.  You know BIG AND GREEN AND OBVIOUSLY BAD.  Druid pulls and decides to stand in the desecration using up much of my mana to keep him and the rogue alive standing in the bad crap.  By the end of the fight I am completly OOM and out of drinks.  I tell the group "BRB need to buy some mana drinks" and teleport out of the instance to Ironforge.  While walking to the innkeeper to buy drinks the druid decides to pull and succesfully dies.  While purchasing at the innkeeper the mage decides to pull and succesfully dies.  While teleporting into dungeon the mage and rogue both leave the party leaving me finger and the druid "tank".  I get up to where the druid had pulled (still in his body btw about 5 minutes later) with the druid demanding a rez.  I procede to teabag him and have finger pull out her voidwalker to continue down the instance.  Can not kick another player from this instance ... I hate you blizz.

This is where the instance started to run smothly.  Voidwalker as tank, loc as DPS, and priest as heals and oh yeah Druid still in body asking for a rez (Eventually he "DC" probobly pulled the plug out of frustration and threw the computer out the window crying to his mommy about how mean the people in the videogame were to him and proceded to get slapped by his mother for destroying thier computer, at least I hope).  We succesfully 2 manned the instance down to the last boss which was too much with all the adds he summons.  So we ninja invite bree to complete the instance.  Tanks are nice that can 2 shot the bosses in healing spec.


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