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Loot Rules:

For guild runs we will be using the in-game rolling system with the following specifications.

- Need rolls – Main spec main toon

- Greed rolls – Off spec main toon and alts

- Otherwise pass and an enchanter will pick up the item to disenchant. Never hit Disenchant!

For guild runs with pugs included, master looter will be used, with the same guidelines listed above.


Previous expansion guild raid loot will be strictly greed rolls using the in-game system.


BOE Gear

Follows the same loot rules as above with the exception of when everyone in raid passes.

If everyone passes, an officer will pick the item up and will distribute the item according to following rules.

-Any main spec raiders not in the raid, with the officers deciding the priority based on what is most beneficial to the raid team.

-If no main spec raiders need that item, the same system of distribution will be used if there is a raider(s) not in the run who has an off spec which can use the item.

-When there are no main toon raiders who need the item, the item will be placed in the officer's tab of the guild bank for a week, where interested parties can ask for the item for their alts, paying 1/4 of the AH cost of the item. If after a week no one is interested in the item, the item will be put on the AH. Proceeds will go to the guild bank to fund guild repairs.


BOE Crafting Patterns

Players in raid whom have the requisite skill for learning the pattern, may roll need on these items.

If no one in raid can use the pattern, an officer will pick up the pattern and give it to a Guild Crafter. A Guild Crafter is a toon (main or alt) of someone who is consistently online and always willing to craft gear for guildies.

If the Guild Crafters have the pattern already, it will be open to rolls by other mains, then alts, then sold on the AH for guild repair funds.


Living Embers/Essences of Destruction

Living Embers (Firelands) will be picked up by an officer and stored in the guild bank. When the guild bank has four of them, a raider who was present when at least one of the Living Embers dropped will be randomly chosen to receive the four Living Embers. Living Embers must be used towards crafting an item for their main specs or toward advancing the Legendary quest line. Until all raiders who are interested have had a chance to get four Living Embers, no person may win again. After which, raiders may ask to be considered to receive a second set of 4 Living Embers for crafting main spec gear, to be chosen in a random order.

Essences of Destruction (Dragon Soul) will be handled similarly, with the slight difference that although the rolls will occur when the guild accumulates 4, if the winner will be crafting pants (requiring 8 essences), the essences will stay in the guild bank and be handed to the winner when the guild has accumulated 8.

The raider will be randomly selected by Assistant GM Dovesari, who will be keeping track of who is eligible for the orbs/essences. If interested in being considered for selection, talk to or send an in game mail to Dovesari in order to confirm that you have the other mats needed to craft the item if you were to win.


Legendary Quest Drops

Before the first raid where a legendary quest-line is involved, an officer(s) will meet with all the raiders who are eligible for the item. During the meeting they will go over what is required to get the legendary and verify those involved are willing to commit their own time and resources toward completing the legendary. If during the meeting there is no agreement for whom should go first toward completing the item, all interested parties will roll to determine who will get priority.



If a mount drops, everyone in raid may roll need (alts or mains) as long as they do not already have the mount on another toon.



Main Spec Definitions

-Spirit gear is considered main spec for healers and casters with spirit to hit conversion talents.

-Intellect gear with hit is considered main spec for caster dps.

-Intellect gear without spirit or hit is main spec for healers and caster dps.

-Agility gear is main spec rogue, hunter, and feral druid.

-Strength gear is main spec for plate wearing dps.

-Stamina gear and any items with dodge and parry are main spec for tanks.

-Gear with a combination of expertise, mastery and hit is considered main spec for both tanks and melee dps.


Switching Mains

Assuming the alt is reasonably geared compared to the main toon, raiders may switch their main every 2 months. The exception being if the swap is made at the request of the guild to meet a raid need.

Before any switch occurs, a discussion with the officers is required.

We will never force you to play a toon/spec you do not enjoy, however if we cannot reasonably accommodate your new main in raid (i.e. we cannot have 15 warriors competing for dps slots) you may receive less raid invites.


Language policy

In both vent and guild chat any slurs and highly offensive language are banned. Swearing is allowed but if asked to tone it down, please respect the guildie's wishes. Insulting and name calling a fellow guild members is also not allowed, assuming its obviously not a joke or playful banter.

A first offense will result in a warning from an officer. A second offense will require a 1000g deposit into the guild bank. A third offense may result in a guild kick. If at any time a very serious incident occurs a guild kick will be immediate.



Promotions are done at the discretion of the GM and officers. Asking to be promoted will not help and may lengthen the time it takes. Typically going from provisional to a higher rank occurs when the member demonstrates they are trustworthy and are an active member in the guild. Members wishing to go from social to raider must demonstrate to an officer(s) a certain level of competence with their toon. This is typically achieved by going on heroic dungeons runs with guildies or coming to the fun old world raids that are held.



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