Learning new vocabulary with PuGs PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dovesari   
Sunday, 26 June 2011 21:12

So Natima and myself were in Grim Batol, just before the second boss. The tank tells the DPS to take the pat down first.  I was confused because the only mob patrolling around was the Boss. So I asked for clarification... he told me not the boss the pat .... I point out there wasn't a pat, and he marks the big guy surrounded by the casters with chains with a skull and tells me that's the pat.  I reply saying usually pat is a term for a patrolling mob. He tells me that the pat is the strongest mob there the one who should be the priority kill, and when he has tanked other times people have never questioned him.   Needless to say I shut up at that point, even those I was tempted to tell him he was crazy, and also wrong about what the priority shoulld be ... those casters are a pain compared to the big guy.

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