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Written by Joey   
Thursday, 10 March 2011 22:13

So in SM Armory with a group of PUGs.  Everything is going alright until the first green item drops, a Leather caster piece.  Need by the mage.  He says "Oops sorry thought it was cloth".  Second Green drop mail DPS shoulders.  Need by the mage.  "Oops wrong button."  This is the point which I call him out as a ninja, you know "Fool me once, shame on you ...."  Now the mage is mad "F you", "F you shami, you suck"  Got to love the creative people with their insults.  10 mintues to kick .... I hate you blizz.

Anyways the 10 minutes is no where near long enough before we get to the last boss, mage has stolen about 4 items by this point.  Unfortunatly as I was not the tank I had to just continue on.  So last boss, you know the one with the whirlwind.  First WW everyone is fine but boss moves to new location of the tank ... right next to our favorite mage.  Second WW mage gets slaughtered cause he doesnt move.  "What the F healer, why the F didnt you heal me, you suck!!" once again very creative.  This is the point I tell him "the only reason you died is you are an idiot that stood in the whirlwind."  At this point the mage whines and cuses until he makes his mother cry (at least she probobly was unless he is the son of the devil in which case she was laughing).  I leave him with this, "I hope that someday your IQ becomes greater than the number of words in your "extensive" vocabulary which you can count with one fingerless hand."  I think the rogue about died of laughter to this.

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