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Written by Maureen   
Friday, 25 February 2011 03:27

So was in hellfire ramparts. I notice the pally "healer" has a two handed weapon equipped so out of curiosity I checked out what it was.  Everything he was wearing was ret/tanking gear except for an int neck. Most of it was the lvl 60 epic pvp gear.  However the gear wasn't the worse part, he queued up and insisted he was the healer in ret spec. When I asked as to why I was yelled at by him, since he was an "awesome" healer and no one had yet died.  As you can imagine that did not remain the case.  The best part was later when he asked what the different specs are for. Oh he also managed to badger one of the dps into leaving, because well apparently as a priest they should've been able to take on 5 elites with everyone else dead.  Why oh why did people not agree to kick him.

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