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Written by Joey   
Wednesday, 23 February 2011 22:47

So Finger and I were in Deadmines on our priest/loc combo.  First boss goes down and druid needs on piece of gear he could use.  It was a dagger.  Yes I know not ideal for a druid tank but it was better than the white he had.  So for the next 5 minutes the rogue and hunter beg for the dumb dagger saying the druid was I ninja.  I get sick of hearing it so I break in.  Say yes it is ideal for the rogue but it is still something the druid could use so get over it.  For the rest of the instance the two of them need on everything ... int gear, two handed weapons, wands, whatever.  So I ask this who is the ninja?

To top everything off the bear dies by standing in the red zone to take extra damage.  The pull still gets completed and the bear rezzes.  The bear runs off before getting any heals and pulls again and instantly goes down.  Now the hunter and rogue start doing the oh you suck healer and the bear drops so I wished them a farewell Goodluck dumb and drop group.

We enter the queue again, take a guess at what dungeon we get into.  We said screw off and left the group.

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