Absolutely No Learning Curve PDF Print E-mail
Written by Maureen   
Sunday, 20 February 2011 19:49

So was in SM: Library on my pally tank with Losat's warlock, and we enter the instance, the healer changes to heal spec and asks for a min to get mana. I say no problem, and what does the pug warrior do? You guessed it pulled out his bow and shot the first group of mobs.  As he does this the the healer attempts to save him while me, losat and the other pug tell her to  let him die. He manages to live ... the healer attempts to get mana again ... what does he do? Goes and pulls the next set of mobs. The healer this time doesn't heal him and he dies.  He ends up pulling additional mob groups another 5-6 times and each time the healer lets him die ... does he learn? No and berates the healer for letting him die. Finally we are able to vote to kick him, because in addition to the pulling he was needing every thing that dropped.


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